About Me

Kyle Kerr is a real estate agent in Victoria, British Columbia. As a Realtor, he serves the Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island area. He has been a licensed real estate agent since 2010 and served as the Director of the Victoria Real Estate Board for 7 years. He was elected President of the Board in 2018.

It is common to find Kyle Kerr discussing the latest local real estate market trends. That is done through podcasts, interviews, and articles with various organizations. In addition, he enjoys sharing his insights and experiences in the industry. His time as the President of the Victoria Real Estate Board gave him the opportunity to provide insights on the market during one of its most difficult periods, allowing him to provide other agents, investors, and stakeholders information and data on how to manage the rough waters.

Kerr often spends much of his time marketing the properties of his clients, including residential and new development properties.

Kyle has worked to support clients in most areas of real estate. That includes residential counselling, developmental land, investment properties, residential development and valuation, multi-family properties, and recreational properties. He has also helped support relocation for people throughout his career. He also prides himself on keeping up with the area's construction industry and providing counselling for it.

Kyle Kerr also focuses heavily on the economy, helping his clients make wise decisions over time based on economic conditions and development needs. In addition, he aims to be a strong role player in the local community through his knowledge and insights into the real estate market. He is also consistently working to give back to the community.

Kyle Kerr is noted for many things, including his ability to help individuals and investors buy and sell real estate in the Victoria area. Additionally, his professionalism and dedication to helping others are also a prominent quality easily seen in his accomplishments.

Personal Life

Kyle Kerr was born in Nanaimo and raised in the Okanagan. He has lived in Victoria for the last 16 years. He took marketing courses through Camosun College and all of the necessary education to obtain his Realtor license. He has since worked to maintain all educational requirements as a real estate agent and has taken extra education courses to further his real estate expertise.

In the past, he also worked in sales and marketing in the construction and industrial supply business sector. He held various roles in these industries during his early career.

Accomplishments and Awards

Kyle Kerr is proud of much of his work over the years. With each client that he helps buy or sell a home, there's a special level of pride and satisfaction. He has also worked to help many investors complete transactions, aiding community members in real estate matters, and provided insights into the economy to support the needs of others.

He is most proud of being a Multiple MLS Award Winner. He is also proud of serving as the President of the Victoria Real Estate Board in 2018. Kyle Kerr is also the winner of the REMAX Spirit of the West Award for Community Involvement, something he is quite proud to have accomplished.

He is also the co-founder of Good Game Charity Society, an organization that gives back to the community. He continues to work to support and grow the reach of this organization, which helps combine his desire to help others and his love of sports.

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from constantly working for his clients, Kyle Kerr is a big sports fan. He enjoys football and basketball mainly but is often happy to participate in a game of softball, volleyball, lawn bowling, or other activities. He is often found spending time playing or watching sports of all types.

He also enjoys spending downtime hiking and getting outdoors. He regularly attends fitness boot camps to stay healthy. Fitness is another area he enjoys spending time in with friends.

Kerr is also a lover of good food and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It is easy to find him with a cup of coffee in hand.

He also loves to travel, some of his favorite destinations visited so far include Portugal, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, and Germany. He plans to do more travelling over time as well. Kyle Kerr also has had a lifelong love of space and all it entails.

Philanthropy and Volunteering

Kyle Kerr has dedicated much of his time to helping those in need through a wide range of organizations and actions. He has donated time and money to various charities. That includes HeroWork, Rainbow Kitchen, Kool Aid Society, KidsSport Victoria, CFAX Santa's Anonymous, Cystic Fibrosis Society of Canada, ALS Society, and the Fernwood Community Association. He continues to look for other ways to help support those in need and is often open to supporting organizations that approach him.

In addition to this, he also volunteers his time to coach youth sports. As a result, he is able to use his love of sports to help other people who may not have a strong, supportive environment. This is in addition to the time he spends working on Good Game Charity Society, the charitable organization he co-founded.


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